Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, and We Have A Tooth!

So this week Jackson was kind enough to let me take 400 pictures of him. I wish I was kidding. I'm not a professional so what can I say I delete a lot of shots. The upside is one out of every 50 or so is so darn cute it was way worth it. So enjoy the pictures. 
Oh and on Wed right before bed, Jackson and Daddy were playing on the bed and he bit him! That's right Mr. Man grew a tooth. Sweet Baby, I didn't even realize it was coming. 

This weekend. Nana and Grandpa are bringing our new rug and fireplace pad to the house. We are so excited. I have a feeling it won't be long and Bub's will be all over the place so this is just in time. I'm sure we will have another photo shoot sometime next week to share of that ;)


Bub's and Sissy Playing Easter Bunnies
Now onto St Patty's Day
Ashley gave me this bucket at one of my showers.
 Can I tell you, Bub's had the best time ever in this thing. He just sang and laughed it was to much fun!

This is my "dadada" face. Mommies Favorite.
I got my First Tooth! Bottom Left! March 4, 2009.
This is the most teething he did.
Oh it is this look that has got me, Ugh could he be any sweeter? 
A sneak peek into St.Patty's Day Shoot. Oh so many cute ones...
Gotta wait till the 17th...
I think I might have to send this out for Easter.
...I am not a fan of "THE BUNNY"...
(He really didn't mind the ears, but really wanted the toy
 I was waving like a crazy person to get him to smile. He was over it.)


BabyAlana said...

RA! These are ridiculously cute!!

The Mrs. said...

OMG!!! Bubby got a tooth! They just come out of no-where! Gosh! All the pics are so cute! I am printing out the St. Pat one's for a birthday present to myself. ;) I love you guys!

Let me know about wed... Kim is getting induced (??) On tuesday! Yea Aiden!!

Lori said...

Really, really cute!

Nana said...

THAT CHILD!!!! How darn cute, and I love the ones you put in for me!! He and Marah make the cutest Easter Bunnies!! Love that baby Jackson. He is such a "ham" and enjoys doing the pictures you have to believe!! Love ya'll!!

Anonymous said...

Rob keeps joking that he's going to put a leprechaun's beard and hat on Lil' G and dress the cat up like a pot of gold. She likes to tackle the cat, so this would make for pure comedy.

Bubs is the most awesome photo subject. Love it.