Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He's a genius, pretzel chicken and other randoms

It has become apparent that in the new year. I have just been not feeling the ol' blog. I can only produce random posts. I'm not sure why? We are spending plenty of time doing. Maybe just not enough time documenting.

Jackson is playing t-ball and all three of his practices have been rained out. He is beyond bummed. We have one scheduled for tonight and it is raining yet again. Dear Rain, please stop having it out on the Indians. They are 3 and 4 and would like to run around the field for a while. Fingers crossed the rain stops sun comes out and all is well with practice. I have my doubts.

Lately, Jackson has been having me write lists for him. He is his mothers child. At any given time I will have several going. The one I just wrote said "Dear Everybody, I am going to start school soon and play baseball. We will be friends." It's very cute that he thinks a letter is a list to me. He usually draws a picture or tries to trace the letters (illegibly). Love that dude.

We think he is a genius. Yesterday I was making said pretzel chicken I am going to link to in a second and using a mixer. He got all excited about making his "soup" in his kitchen but, ran around like a mad man looking for his remote control car Mimi got him for Christmas {Thanks Mimi, he LOVES it}. He busted out laughing and yelling for me to come look...

Check out that cheese face in the first picture.  He set up his car to "mix" the egg soup. The remote wheels were turning and stirring it for him. Genius I tell you. ;p

Other than life as usual we have been good. We got to visit with Wyatt this weekend and that was awesome. I have some pictures to share soon. Nanny survived her first week back back at work and for that we are thankful. It is consignment season. I have gone to my first two and am hooked. My neighbor and I are selling one soon. Holy safety pins and kid hangers. Up to my eye balls.

Daddy is kicking butt at getting in shape again. Why is it so much easier for men to stop sizes than women? Gah, I mean I am thankful for a hottie husband but, I have lost like 3 lbs and he is already down a pant size. We have a 5k coming up with some friends I am excited to run. It's been great staying active. We have determined Sunday are "our family day" and have been going to different trails close by and spending time hiking/jogging on our family days. It's been so nice to be outside so much.  I am going to get inspired to be here again. Sooner than later I hope.

Oh, made this last night. Delish... Pretzel Chicken. Seriously, so good and easy.
 Have any great recipes to share? I have been loving Pinterest for dinner ideas although, I am always on the lookout for more. My food board is here...Good Eats . I try to go back and comment on what I liked and what was yuck. You know there are always some misses.

Hope you guys are having a good start to your week and do a little rain dance for us. I think I am going to put the boy in the car and go get some caffeine. I've got safety pinning to do.

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bethany said...

You should sell on FB again! I am shopping for 3T stuff now. Love keeping up with your blog, hope you keep posting!