Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Game Ball.

Marah had a softball game this friday and she got the Game Ball!
It was so exciting.

Look at our girl running home!

watching Marah play.

Every time they come in to bat. 
He rushes to the dugout and waits for her.

Hi, Marah

Up to bat.

The game ball.
Everyone got to sign it.

Sweet Marbear with the game ball.

We have had the best time at her games this year!
She is so much fun to watch.


Nana said...

...she has done so good with ball playing....way to go Marah!!! Love the pictures!!

Auntie Yinsee (Lyndsey) said...

had so much fun!!! ready for allstars now :)

TripMomma said...

Great pics...look at them in their cute pink outfits. Little man was in awe of Marah :)