Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mud Room Before/After

 I had always wanted to paint a room Navy Blue.
So when we moved in our home and started painting rooms the mud room went navy.
I was so excited and loved it. 
Hubby on the other hand hated it. 

 After 5 years I must admit I was pretty over it too.
I told B this time he could pick the color so I wouldn't have to hear it if it was awful. Ha!
We both agreed we wanted something light.

Here was the before...
(I had already removed pictures and started taping.)

2nd coat completed

4 coats later. 
It looks great though.

The next day we (I had a helper) started putting up the signs and key holder.

Seriously, how cute is it  that he wanted to be mommy's helper. 
He went and got his hammer to help me.

::drumroll please::
The After

We love vintage signs. Our favorite is the "Trying to reason with Hurricane Season"
My dad made that for us as a surprise after hurricane Ivan destroyed the place our wedding was being held on the beach. 28 day's before we were going to walk down the isle. That's a whole other post but, we smile every time we see that now. The board on the left came out of his Memaw and Papa barn and it is older than Brian is. 

The other wall is getting an "extra" makeover I will revel once we are done.
I love it so so so much better. 
I hate to admit that the blue was a mistake in that tiny room with no light but, it was. 
Yayy! for easy changes that make a big difference..


Brown Girl said...

It looks great and I love all the signs!

Shanna said...

Looks awesome. Jackson it too cute!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

precious! i love his little hammer and that child is gorgeous. my goodness. lol.

and i love your signs, gf!

Pam said...

I t looks awesome! I loved the blue too, but this is much lighter. :) You have the best helper! Is he free for some work at nannys?

Stefanie said...

you are so the new look! you can come help me out at my! :)

jackson is so stinkin cute with his that pat from handy manny?? lol

Nana said...

.....yes this really looks good, great job to you and Bubs!! you really need to come paint some at my house!

Alicia said...

wow it looks so great!!! i love the wall of signs!