Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend.

We had a busy, busy weekend.
But, boy was it a great time.

We spent time up at Nana & Grandpa's.
Some family came up and we spent a wonderful day up there.
Brian and I even got to sneak away for a date at The Wolf Mountain Vineyard 
for lunch. It was amazing and yummy.
Did I mention yummy. 
Here are some pictures of Jackson and his cousin Hayden.
They are only 5 months apart so it will be fun to watch how close they are as they grow up.

Ya'll I was awful at taking pictures this weekend. I promise I will be better next time.

This was them taking a break from playing.

I love this one. They have so much fun together.

Then Sunday morning we were off and drove to the Lake to spend Easter Day with my family.
CC, Bobby, and Sash were all out. We had so much fun on the boat and riding the golf cart.
Mom grabbed these few pictures while he was coloring inside.

Such a great time. :)


Brown Girl said...

Love Jackson's little saints shirt, too cute!

Alicia said...

so cute!! they're going to have a blast together when they get older!!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

love love love.

is that a stache shirt i see?

Pam said...

You get an A++ for being an awesome mommy... but, I aint gonna lie... you get a C for pictures this weekend. No lake house? No boat ride? Too much leisure time? :)
ps. the one of him and hayden is adorable... love it!

Nana said...

.......can't wait to see what these lil' fellows have in store for us, just love them to pieces, and yes Ra you know it I do want copies, hope you don't mind love ya, lots and glad you and B got to get away for a little while.. Love ya'll

Nana said...

,,,,hey RA, just looking at these again, on that second one, looks like Hayden was saying,,,"ok is she gone yet, and Jackson was saying "no she's still right up there"....tooo funny!! Love it.

Auntie Yinsee (Lyndsey) said...

can't wait for the weekend at the lake...woohoo!!! love y'all so much!!