Friday, April 16, 2010

$10 make over.

A couple of weeks ago, on yet another 
thrift store adventure. I came across this little beauty.

What not your style? Don't worry mine either.
 I had been wanting to do a chalkboard frame to put in the kitchen for some time and
 for $6 I couldn't pass it up.

{that light color on the frame was the original color, I stained it in the end}

Bestie had some chalkboard paint from a little project she had done so I painted the backside of the painting since it was smoother on that side.

You let it set for three days then get to chalking.
Right about now hubby walked up and said "want me to do it"
Umm, yes please. You get messy.

Once you have the entire thing chalked you rub it in.

So Before:


The wall needs something else but, I love our new chalkboard frame. 
Hubby has a great idea so we'll see how that works out. 
I bought the stain for $4 so the grand total was $10 bucks and totally worth it in my book.

and to get your fill of my little man with no fear...

Jackson loves his anywhere chair.
Except lately he thinks it's funny to stand in it.
Then call me.
"Mommy, Mooommmmmy!"
"What Bub's"
"Haha No mommy"

{yes my child taunts me, he wants me to tell him no and to sit down}
Lord have mercy he has my, shall we say spirit. 

Look at that look.
{he is carrying a plastic spoon, it's his thing this week. He has carried it and sable everywhere}

and off he goes.

Happy Friday Lovies.


Alicia said...

cute! it turned out great!! i have a thing for chalkboard frames too...i LOVE them! and the little man is just too cute in his chair!!

Brown Girl said...

Love the frame, it turned out fabulous!! And little man is adorable as usual!

Amo said...

My son loves to stand up in his chair, too. And then when I say, "Maaaaaxxx..." he says, "Sit!" But does he sit? No. He just likes to say it! I love your chalkboard! Great idea!

Nana said...

...great idea, clever!! And the chair is toooo funny, he is such a little ya'll!!

Joyeful said...

I love chalkboard paint!! I would so do an entire wall of it--in fact, I just might one day : )

And that little man is too stinkin' cute on that adorable chair!