Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who knew it would be so hard...

To take pictures of an inanimate object.

Someone has a 2nd birthday coming up.
{well in 8 weeks}

I guess we are "not normal" but, birthday have always been a big deal in my family.
Not just your 1st or 16th but, every year.

So when Nanny emailed me that by this time last year we were already making plans we got on the ball.
So a good place to start is invitations right?
Thinking that this is the last year I am going
to get to help with deciding the birthday theme.
We are just doing a "theme" of everything he loves.

The invitation is going to be simple but,
include his most favorite thing.
Any guesses?

Jackson, let mommy take a picture of Sable.
{can you hear that laugh as he said "noooo"}
I knew I had all of a second before he wanted his best friend back.
Ok less than a second. He thought Sable needed a hat on.
and then he decided the photo shoot was over.
{and this is the only sneak you'll get until I reveal the invitation}

I think I got the shot.
Sable at his finest.
{well the best I can get}

I am so excited to see how it turns out.
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


MrsPnut said...

cute! And what an awesome idea for the theme!

Auntie Yinsee (Lyndsey) said...

can't wait to see that sable invite! miss y'all so much already and love you even more!!! have a wonderful wednesday!!!

Cynthia said...

awwww, you going to have his buddy put on the cake???? He's such a handsome guy! Jackson, that is - Sable's cute know what I mean LOL

Joyeful said...

I can't wait to see the invites--little Sable is too cute! I think it's a great idea to have the birthday themed around what Jackson loves the most.

And birthdays are BIG down here in the south (I'm a yankee from Nebraska and we were lucky if we got a cake for our b-day)

Amo said...

That is going to be cute! That is a great idea! I would have to take a picture of my son's blanket. He won't go anywhere without it, not even the grocery store!