Monday, November 23, 2009

Say a prayer for Mr & Mrs. B

I know some of you follow blogs and feel like you know the people who's blogs you read.
Well Summer is one of those blogs for me. If you haven't "met" her please go and do so.
Miss Summer at B is for Brown
is having her IVF tomorrow.
I just want to send out prayers for her and Mr. B.
They are aching to make their family of two, three or four. :)

This one is for you guys.

We are saying prayers that God will prepare you for what is ahead.


Rachel H. said...

Praying for the family! Hopefully they'll be on the road to begin a new journey in their lives soon! :)

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

Thank you so very much for this! You are an angel and I adore you! Big hugs to you! MUCH LOVE! I will update you after the transfer.



KLaw said...

This made me cry. I'm so glad Summer has so much support out there. She's so special to me.

Amo said...

I know how difficult infertility can be. I will definitely send up a prayer for them! Definitely!

Kristin said...

Mrs. B and those baby birdies are forever in my prayers. She is such a sweetheart!