Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Master Re-Do

This post has been a long time coming. We moved into this house about 5 years ago. We painted every room in the house. EVERY ROOM. While cute and her style, let's just say the previous owner was a fan of sponge paint. I am not, and by "We" I mean Dad and I. We make a great team. I jump around acting silly and he tells me to get to work.

I loved all the colors we chose for the house but, by the time we got to our master bedroom I just went with neutral beige and was done. We had furniture that was Brian's when we met. It was a Wood Sleigh Bed that had oversized pieces. You know how your style evolves? Say when your 21 and pick out bedroom furniture it may not be your same style (cough cough, your wife's) when you get new stuff 7 years later.

I never felt like the Master was "us" it was nice, and cozy but, something about it just didn't click. When Jackson was first born and I was still nesting I redid the Master(well re painted one wall. ) for Brian as a surprise.

These show good before and after pictures too.

Before. Just plain ol' beige.

After: Spicy back wall.
What can I say, it was an attempt.
WAIT! What is that in the room? A crib.

Yep, folks. I have a confession...

We Co-Sleep.
That pretty little crib and his nursery that is gorgeous! You can see it HERE.
(Omg! no you can't I've never blogged about his Nursery. I will next week.)
((Your going to Die, it's so cute))

Is not slept in very often.
(read: never)
I know, I know. Hold your opinions to your selves.
To each his own. You can put your baby in it's crib and that is fine with us.
But, we and I mean both of us. Brian loves to Co-Sleep as much, if not more than me
(Only more maybe because Jackson hogs my pillow not his)
love, love, love it. So there you have it.

So here we were,
Brian, a 16month old, and me in a queen bed.
It was time. A King was calling our name.
So I posted our bedroom suite on Craigslist. It sold in a week, Yayy!
Found another set and got to work...
I was determined to make it something we loved.
Dad said he was still up for helping and off we went.
Did you see the our kitchen redo?
If not you can HERE.

Check Back tomorrow and see what we did to the bedroom...
Yep, I'm going to make you wait.


JosiahsMommy said...

Co sleep away mama! I love having Josiah visit every once in a while. Provided he sleeps and doesn'tthink it's play time!

Amo said...

I can't wait to see the bedroom! I can't believe you made us wait!! I wish I liked painting, but I hate it. And I'm not very good at it either. Everytime I do it, somebody tells me I'm doing it wrong!