Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Pink Pig 09'

This is a famous Atlanta holiday tradition. The Pink Pig arrives at Lenox in the fall and stays through the holiday season. We tried to go last year but, Jackson was to small to ride so I was excited for him to ride this year. Daddy met up with us and we made it a family outing. He rode the Pink Pig when he was small but, it was my first time also.

Last Year
This Year

Getting his ticket, he was so excited and didn't even know why.

How cute is this.
See why it's called the "Pink Pig"

He was paying such close attention

I have a feeling we will be riding the Pink Pig
several more times this holiday season.
Yayy, for the Holidays I love this time of year.


The Mrs. said...

So Cute! Those will be awesome photos/memories when he gets bigger and knows what a tradition is! :)

Rachel H. said...

So cute!! He is the cutest! I love it! :)

Amo said...

That is adorable and looks like so much fun! I love how you said he was excited about getting his ticket and didn't even know why. I love how little kids get excited about everything for no reason.