Sunday, November 8, 2009

What fall looks like at our house

We have had some gorgeous weather this weekend.
I love that in Georgia we really get to experience all four seasons.

So this is what fall looks like at our house.


This may be one of my favorite pictures ever.
Sweet Man.

The Radio Flyer is Daddy's from when he was Jackson's age.
It is almost 30 years old.

My sweet boys
Love this.
Daddy throwing leaves in the air.
Happy Man


Meredith said...

He is so cute! Funny we never did leaf pictures this year and now it is too late here in Maine!

JosiahsMommy said...

Those pictures are great Ra! They will be classic when he is older. Yayyy for leaves and beautiful fall days.

The Mrs. said...

So cute!!! Who had to rake them all up, you or b? :)

Rachel H. said...

So cute! These would make great Christmas card photos!! :)

Amo said...

Wow! Those leaves are gorgeous!! I love the hat your son is wearing. So precious! Those are great pictures. You've gotta frame some of them!

Kristin said...

Those photos are just fabulous! We're going to be in Clayton for Thanksgiving. I'm tempted to bring the little man's radio flyer for some photo ops!