Monday, November 16, 2009

One Kids Trash is Jackson's Treasure. :)

You all know that site Craigslist?
Well, if you don't you should. They have a "free" section I honestly look at from time to time to giggle. I mean people give away "free" used toilets, 30 year old broken couches, ect ect.
Seriously, it's pretty funny and honestly all that junk gets picked up fast. Imagine my surprise when a kids train table from three days past was still available. No picture but, for free and it was close to Brian's work I thought, well it's worth a go. Honestly, Brian's work has a dumpster and I figured if it was that bad he could toss it.

He picked it up on Tuesday and I was so excited. I called him to find out what he thought and he said " It's in need of some serious TLC but, not dumpster worthy.".
Dad came over Wed and we got to work.
It was umm well just look...

Click to enlarge.

It was loved by two kids and had seen better days to say the least.

Dad and I got to work. I was on clean up duty he was patching the top. It seems they screwed down the train tracks that they had on the top. It wasn't there when we got the table but, the 40 holes were.

This was after I cleaned it. This drawer was missing it's base.
At this point we had to let the hole patch dry. So Dad packed up the table and took it home. He was going to spray the table to finish the remodel.
I decided I really wanted the top brown and not green.

We got to the house last night and... Dun dun dun...

It looks AMAZING!
Jackson loves it.
Yes, it's a Christmas present but, he didn't mind test driving it.
The top is smooth as butta.
(haha sorry I couldn't resist.)
Dad did an awesome job.
Side View
Remember that drawer?

Crazy huh?
Total Cost?

Table: Free
Spray Paint : Free I had a can of white and so did dad.
Brown Paint : Dad bought a quart for $7

Total for a brand spankin new train table...

$7. Eepp. That is amazing!

New one HERE for $120.00

That means we saved $113 dollars.
Not to shabby.

This was so fun.
You will see more of Dad's handy work when I show you
the master bedroom update finally :)


JosiahsMommy said...

WOW!! What a great find. I'm glad your dad could help you give Jackson a great table.

Karen said...

Outstanding!! Great job! It looks fantastic!

Rachel H. said...

Yay!! That is awesome! I didn't know there was a "free" Section on Craig's List. I'll have to check it out! What a great find and don't you just love dad's?!

Ben, Lindsey, and Boys said...

Awesome job!! Daddy built Russell a train table a couple of years ago and he still loves it. Jackson will get lots of use out of his, especially now that it's good as new!

Amo said...

That looks great!! I love it! Way to go on saving so much money!! Woo Hoo!

The Mrs. said...

Your dad is a rockstar! It looks awesome! (and he looks like a BIG BOY standing up next to it!)

Nana said...

Man, what a deal!!! Looks like it came right from a store, Bobby did an excellent job!!! And best of all it's the perfect height for Bubs to be standing at now!!! That was a win win win find!!! Love ya'll!!