Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Three for Wednesday.

1. It is 11:04pm and I am glued to the tv watching the Chilean rescue. 
The first man is about to come to the surface of the earth again. 
I am in tears. I can not imagine what emotions they must all be feeling. 
This is absolutely amazing to watch.
32 men trapped in a mine. 
There are 31 left to bring to the surface. 
One was quoted to say "There are 34 of us down here because God has not not left our side."
I have goosebumps. 
It is 11:10pm and he is out. 
History has been made. 

2. I was listening to my Pandora today.
I have made some of the best stations.
Bub's and I were having a dance party. Two songs played that made me smile.
 Back to back, I love when that happens. 
One was Toad the Wet Sprocket. 
Man I loved this song. 8th grade summer.

The second was Lisa Lobb.
Another 8th grade summer song.
That was a great summer of music. I LOVED Reality Bites.

I am sure Jackson thought I had lost it when I started jumping around like a dork doing my best Ducky dancing but, after a few seconds he joined in and I think won't have any long term damage.

3. Is that we had his Halloween mini session done today with Miss. Meredith www.519photography.com
For the rest of the day he kept saying
"mommy that was a cute lady, that marah-ith"
I think he might have his first crush on an older woman.
Pictures to come. They are all amazing!
{if you click my facebook page you can see a sneak}

Hope you all have an amazing Wednesday.
xoxo ra


Care said...

I watched the miners getting rescued. So amazing!! Cant wait to see the pics. Photoshoots are fun. I need to schedule one or do a swap. Fall is such a great time for it!

Sara B said...

Aw, I love Meredith!! Can't wait to see the pics!

Michelle said...

I love both of those songs so much!!