Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mind Dump Thursday.

4 random, random things this week. 

1. A couple of my favorite phone pictures this week.
I am addicted to photography phone apps. 

On their computers. lol
From our ride on the golf cart just before we took her home.
<3 this girl. 

2. Every day this week while Jackson had his nap, I have done laundry, cleaned up toys and turned on 
Ghost Whisper. I don't know why I love re-runs of this show but, I do. Cheesy I know. The funniest part is that I have to "do" things while I watch it so I have a reason to walk out of the room during the scary parts. I am such a sissy.

3. I am so excited for Halloween this weekend. This weekend is Daddy's busiest at work. I am going to be SO glad when it is over {I know he is more than me}, but we are still fitting in Trick or Treating Sunday night. :) This will be Jackson's first year really doing it. We have been practicing saying "Trick or Treat" with his blue plastic pumpkin bucket. I have been filling it up with trucks, trains, anything I can reach while he is playing this game with me. Daddy thinks Bub's is going to be disappointed when people are just giving out candy and not cars. Let's hope he is not right. lol 

4. I didn't tell the Milano story here. I thought I had but, instead shared it somewhere else. SEE MOM.
It's on the blog now. :) 

This happened a few weeks ago now but, we did want to remember it
{c&p from that other place}
Jackson stayed with my parents last weekend overnight and since then has been saying this word I couldn't quite figure out "melanooo" for a week I have been stumped. "Mommy I want some melanoo, mommy melanoo like cc".
Fast forward to today. we are walking through walmart and he starts screaming. Melanoo,Melanooo mommmmmyyyyyy, melanooooo.
I look down and Milano cookies are in front of me. I don't know why I didn't think of this. My mom loves these but, always keeps them hidden in the top cabinet so she doesn't have to share. ;) apparently she opened Jackson's eye's to the deliciousness that is Milano and now I have a two year old with expensive cookie taste.  Really mom, why not oreos. 
It really was so funny.
TaDaaa, all caught up. 
xoxo ra

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Pam said...

You are on a posting roll today!! :) Love this one, and the Milannnnooooo story is too funny!!