Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween.

picture taken by the lovely Meredith at 519 Photography.

Can you stand the cuteness?!
I will have the full preview of pictures at some point after Halloween. 
Once I get the CD I will share them all. 
Hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend 
and you get more treats than tricks. 

xoxo ra


bananas. said...

very cute! even i, with the non maternal heart, can appreciate a cute kid in a halloween costume.

have fun trick or treating with your handsome little man!

Joe. said...

I love it, Ra!

Stefanie said...

He is so stinkin cute!! Happy Halloween!

KLaw said...

TOOO cute!!!!

Sole Matters said...

how precious!!!

Brown Girl said...

that is stinking adorable, he is so cute!!