Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The hiding place and fake fit.

Normal couch in our normal living room
The best hiding place for a 2yr old ever?
You decide. 
 Normal cushions or...
 hiding place #1
I just had to buy new measuring cups because I couldn't
find all of my cups. Hmmm. I should have
checked the couch first. 
and behind cushion #2...
and you thought it was just a couch and some cushions
Now on to a phase that has passed us {thank goodness}
The fake fits.
"Mommy can I have some cookies?"
"No, Bub's we are having lunch first"
"Noooooo, cookies"
Cue fake tears, I swear he can do these on command.
Well, his command. Now before you think I am mean for taking these pictures.
"Bubbie, take a breath. Don't you want some turkey and chips?"
Look at that the tears are gone... Magic I tell you
and back to my laughing boy.

This phase lasted a good month and man we were not sad to say goodbye to that one.
I love this little guy, hiding places, fake fits and all.
He keeps me on my toes for sure.

Happy Wednesday. 
xoxo ra


Pam said...

LOL. Thanks for taking the pics of his sweet smile after the fake fit... I needed proof that it was over! haha :)

Donna said...

If I'm looking for something, I typically ask my lil guy. He seems to remember where he hides everything. That fake cry is too cute!

Cisilia "cc" said...

Don't make that baby cry!!! Not nice to see them tears. Sweet precious boy. Bring him to Grandma "CC's house."

Nana said...

...toooo funny ,,,,and fake tears, they are quick and fake but they can still break your heart!!