Monday, October 18, 2010

The Rock Ranch {and anniversary weekend}

Friday night Brian and I snuck away for a date of our favorite meal. Sushi, yum yum.
We got all snazzy and can you believe did not take one picture.
Saturday we headed to the middle of nowhere The Rock Ranch.
They were having a hot air balloon festival and I have never seen a balloon up close.
So we thought this would be a fun day trip.
The Ranch itself is very family friendly it would be a fun place to visit just for the day.
There was so much for Jackson to do and he loved it! 
The food was bleh, and the balloons didn't set up until about an hour before 
we left. Nap time is serious business with a two year old so we needed to head out. 
 So next year I do think we will go back but, plan better.
That night we headed to a culdesac cookout and had a blast.
Everyone is so fun and we had quite the spread. Truly a great night.

Here are some photo's of the weekend

Those eyes melt my heart
 On the train viewing the sites. 
 He loved the horses... Ye Haw
running to the next thing.
This might have been my favorite "Jackson" moment of the day.
We put him on one of these tractors. Thinking he would sit and push buttons.
They had a track set up  with about 5 of these in it.
Then suddenly...
 Off he went. Turns and all.
 He was so proud and we couldn't quit laughing. I think we may
need to look into one of these for Christmas.
Jumping houses. He now loves them.

This was a mini community all kid sized and all air conditioned. 
Super cute. Pic taken from our hay ride.
They had some bikers come in from a ride and we had to check them out.
No worries grandpa he went straight to the Harley's.
 Even got to chill on an Ultra Classic like grandpa's.
 fun playgrounds galore 
 weeeeee weeee
corn crushing? I don't know the country word for it.
 This place was huge. There was stuff to do everywhere.
 semi family pic. 
I am going to do a whole post on the balloons.
They were amazing!

 On our wagon ride back to the car. Someone is fading fast.
 This was the only picture Brian grabbed of the party that night.
It does no justice but, the party was amazing.
Fire pit, lot's of music, toasting, eating, catching up and celebrating the fall season.

xoxo ra


Arleen said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend. Next year see if they offer a hot air balloon ride. It is the most awesome experience. Heather and I go to do a ride a couple of years ago. We were actually in a competition and the ride lasted about 2 hours. It was great

Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like an awesome weekend...and an anniversary? Congrats!

KLaw said...

What a fun weekend! I am jealous!!! Your little guy is just breathtaskingly gorgeous!

Short Leg Lucy said...

very awesome!!! looked like a lot of fun :] you got a handsome little man! very cute!