Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Strawberry and Mascarpone filled cupcakes anyone?

What that wasn't enough to get your attention?

How about now?
 I think I may have found my new favorite cupcake.
Now I only have 28745639 favorites.

Vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla sugar glaze.
Come to momma
I am sure Jackson will love them.
Check out the "cupcake" liners. 

Oh wait, you want to see the Strawberry and Mascarpone 
get in my belly because it is sooooo heavenly

Imagine the smoothest strawberry cream. 
Times it by 100 and that is the filling.

Thank you very much. 
I shall be sharing these with some of my favorite people 
today to see what they think...

xoxo ra


Jocelyn said...

Those look oh so yummy! I heart cupcakes!!!

Nana said...

......YES....these do look so tasty!!!

Donna said...

Yum! Can you make me some? I'm an epic fail when it comes to baking

bananas. said...

very, very pretty...but i'm not a cupcake gal. gasp! i know ;)

Alicia said...

mmmmmmmmmmm yes please!! those sound so yummy!!

Sole Matters said...

im drooling..