Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh fall, where are you?

I am ready to see you again. You are my favorite season.
I need to wear jeans and t-shirts. For college football to start again. For our weekends to be filled with early saturday mornings at the football field watching our girl cheer and cookouts with friends.
Afternoons spent at the park sans sweating in 10 minutes. Festivals, and roasted corn.
I am even getting the house ready so you will feel comfortable showing up.

Nanny and I were inspired to create a new fall project.

What you will need.
- a vase (milk glass for me, nanny covered one with festive paper)
-branches from the back yard
-black spray paint
-Martha Stewart Bat Garland (40%off coupon from Michaels)
-black thread and a needle

Spray Paint the branches black and place in said vase.
Cut bats apart from garland. (This saved us so much time)
Thread needle and loop through bat's, hang to branches and Tada.

I even pulled out my fall pillows for the living room.

I love the way it looks. Let me know if you make one of your own. 
I would love to see it.

Are you ready for fall or sad summer is coming to an end?

xoxo ra


MrsPnut said...

ready for fall!!

Karen said...

Looks great! You are so creative. Have you been to Big Lots? They have some cute Martha Stewart crafty things. :o) For CHEAP, too! YAY!

Auntie Yinsee (Lyndsey) said...

I'm ready for slightly cooler weather...and AUBURN TIGER football...WAR EAGLE! love you muches!

The Hill House said...

Stop wishing away my warm weather!!! I love the things that fall means-football, fairs, funnel cakes...But please don't take away my lake weather and temperatures!

kirkandmona said...

Ra, it looks wonderful! Love the Fall pillows too--had a slight urge to cozy up next to the fireplace--but it didn't last--I think I felt a little heat coming in from there. he he

Jill said...

That looks great! I can't wait for fall decorating and the beautiful colored leaves.

Amo said...

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready for fall! I have been pregnant all summer and it has been one of the hottest summers our area has seen in years. It was in the upper 90's for over 40 days in a row and we have hit 100 degrees almost 10 times. I am soooo ready for fall!! Can't wait! And I love your branches. They look great!!