Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pushing limits

Someone in this house has been pushing his limits lately.
 You know like when mommy says
 "Jackson we do not climb on the coffee table" or
 "No Bub's we do not fly across or jump on the couch".

I know, I know I am so mean.
Today I came into the living room and found this.
So cute, right?
He looks up to me and says "mommy, i lay down".
So I grab my camera. I mean I better get a picture of this moment.
Then we talk for a minute.
He is showing me his new car Sam.
That is his name.
"See Mommy"
Tell Sam to smile.
"Mommy watch me jump. K?"
"Bub's we don't jump. K?"
"I lay down".
{and this is where is goes downhill fast.}
still laying mommy
"Mommy want a kiss..."
{I should have known he would bribe me but, how do you say no to those lips}
"One time mommy."
"Big Jump Mommy."
"Jackson do we jump on the couch?!"
What does he do?
Busts out laughing. 
"I get down mommy"

Man this kid is something else.

xoxo ra


bananas. said...

haha! oh kids...always testing their parent's limits.

but it makes for good blog posts ay? ;)

Nana said...

......sooooo clever and quick, love that lil' man!!!!

Amo said...

My son tries to push the limits everyday, but he doesn't listen when we say no! He just does it anyway. He is super stubborn!! We have lots of power plays!