Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The River

This past weekend we met some friends at the river.
 Between watching Jackson fish, everyone going down in tubes, 
watching the "country folk" who hang out there, 
slipping on the moss, and just hanging out.
We had a great day.

My boy loves to fish. Granted the pole has the fish attached and makes a 
splashing noise when you cast it. To a two year old this is big time fishing.
Something he takes very serious.

The gang coming down the river

The girls about to have some fun. 
The guys lined up and let them go down a "mini" section 
since the big part was a bit to fast for them.
They just loved it.

Everyone getting ready to head down

The kids.
Such a fun day.

xoxo ra


Sole Matters said...

fun! where did you go?

Pam said...

adorable as always! I didn't know the fishing pole made a casting noise? Did mommy "break" it? lol.