Sunday, August 8, 2010

China to Mexico and a Little Italy too.

A normal night for us...
 After our super glamorous saturday night dinner of chinese take out.
I remembered a recipe I had seen on The Pioneer Woman's site.
Something I had never tried before but, wanted to...
Any guesses from the crowd?

We used the yokes only.
{I am messy, their must have been a better way to do this}
heavy cream
my very favorite vanilla. 

That's right. We did China and Mexico in one night.
We made some Creme Brulee, and it was a family affair. 

Jackson are you excited to try it...
Ok maybe not at first but, he really did love it.
Getting closer...
Jackson got in on the cooking action.
Mixing away.
While daddy did dishes,
mommy opened some of this.
I had heard someone say Rose' was super yummy but, 
in the end it was a bit sweet for us.
We like Red's and dry whites but, fun to cheer's the night none the less.
One more step.
The fun one
Now for the reality check... I had to torch this a couple times to get it right.
As, a matter of fact I had to scrap off the first try all together.
 Hubby didn't love it warm. So off to the freezer it went.
Classy, huh?

All in all, it was yummy and fun. A great Saturday family night at our house for sure.
How was your weekend?

xoxo ra


Karen said...

LOL @ the waffles in the freezer. That's our freezer, too. Only ours might be a little more classy. Tanna will take things out of the boxes to make more room in there. Then he will rip the directions off of the box so we'll have them when it's time to prepare the food. Nice, right?

Ashley Sisk said...

That looks favorite part is the fire!

Nana said... fun and it looks tasty!!

Jessica said...

Looks yummy!!! I have an egg seperated (not sure if thats its name or not). I got it from Pampered Chef. Works great and was fairly cheap!!! Makes it easy to only do yolks or vice versa.

Donna said...

Hahah. I have no talent at all as far as dessert goes. You are brave to try it. Miss yah girl!