Monday, August 23, 2010

Flea market treasures? You decide.

How does that saying go?
One man's trash is another man's treasure...

There is a Flea Market about 4 miles from my house that I have never been to.
Daddy and Jackson had a boys afternoon yesterday. So, Nanny and I adventured to the local flea market to see what it was all about. To say it was interesting was an understatement. We both found a treasure or two to bring home but, most of our time was spent giggling at what we found.
Let me take you along for the ride.

First off the collections of salt and pepper shakers. 
I mean there were probably a hundred different types. 
These were my favorite two.

#1. The toilet set. 
I mean what says "let's eat dinner" like red potty's?
#2 The Feet. 
Again, man those huge toes make me hungry.
{I think I just threw up even typing that}
The fun only started there.
Vintage Games
This empty 90210 bottle was $25!
Now I LOVED 90210 like every other girl in the 90's but, it's empty and rusty. $25!
This guy I have fond childhood memories with.
Anyone else have a Teddy growing up?
 I would have *almost* considered it for Jackson if the whole bedbug 
thing didn't skeeve me out so bad.
I had Nanny try these beauties on. 
What fall closet doesn't need it's own pair of clogs.
Ok, this booth I loved. My grandma had some of this plastic jewelry. 
After Katrina it was all lost so this pretty came home with me for the price of $1.25.
It makes me smile.
Now who doesn't want to stick
cookies in this guy...
Ahh, you guys.
 This was my favorite thing we saw.
I love Rod Stewart.
 I will refrain from making a song themed joke but, holy mother of hand drawn sexy Rod Stewart 
and for the low price of $5 in this lovely floral frame
 this can come live at your house.
and just so things come full circle. 
I will end where we started this little tour.
Now where would you put these little potty's?
Not to mention the creepy dolls with mouths open. :/
I hope you all enjoyed our flea market trip and at the very least got a laugh.
I know we did. Happy Monday Lovies.

xoxo ra


Joe. said...

I'm now on a full blown search for a Teddy Rupskin!

Auntie Yinsee (Lyndsey) said...

all i can say is WOW!!! and yes, i had a talking "teddy" too! those were the days...sometimes i wish i could just go back a be a kid again. miss you tons! love you muches! <3

kirkandmona said...

Ra, I can't stop laughing--and I don't care how much you tickle me--I am not going to tell you which of those items I had. he he

Pam said...

I am totally regreting the fact that we did not purchase red potty salt shakers. :( movies.

Donna said...

Too funny! Must have been a hilarious excursion!

its simple love said...

ha ha ha what is with all the potties? Really? That is hilarious. I love flea markets. You can find the strangest and coolest things there.


The Mason Bunch said...

That is too funny. I enjoyed the flea market tour. Thanks!

BTW, I got your message about the Halloween costume. You are so sweet, thank you for offering. I have to tell ya, I bought Colton a cute pumpking costume 18m last Halloween, when they all went on sale. I'm bad about doing that for the kids. Thank you again for the offer. You might be able to sell yours on eBay.

You mentioned about bookmarking the Mexican dip recipe. I'll post the complete recipe with picture for you as soon as I can.

Have a great Tuesday!

bananas. said...

wow thank you for taking me along for the trip. that flea market was not only interesting, it was quite entertaining. i can't believe 90210 had a perfume! how come i never had some!?! haha!

Tim and Mandi Atkins said...

the last picture, the creepy little glass kids with their mouths grandma has that little boy one. talk about REALLY creepy!