Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pray for this baby.

Please say a prayer for baby Stellan and his family. You can read his story and catch up to this point but, Stellan has had to come off all of his heart med's to get his surgery this am (8:30am) . Please say prayers as he is restless and hungry. His heart won't let him settle and MckMomma is a nervous wreck as any of us would be. You can click the picture on the right hand side ---> 

Lord, Please hold this family tightly as they go through his next step. 

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Stefanie said...

hey there! stellan and his family are in my thoughts and prayers today...stellan's in surgery now. i just wanted to let you know im praying so hard on their behalf...its a really heartbreaking story and touches me even more so (and you too im sure) b/c we have little boys around the same age as stellan. im wearing orange today and will not stop praying until that baby boy is healed!!! god bless you stellan!! xoxoxox