Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just because it makes me smile.

Ok so sometimes I blog stalk and end up on random peoples blogs. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes boring, sometimes I wonder what the heck people are thinking. I stumbled on a blog that had this posted and I have to admit I smiled the entire 4 min plus. I used to love this movie. So watch and smile. I mean come on this would be so entertaining to see in person. 

And a picture I took courtesy of PhotoBooth. Just so Jackson can see that mommy was around and even in a picture or two.

I have some posting to catch up on. A date with Nora, and other cute stuff. I promise to get to that soon. 


Stefanie said...

that was awesome! thanks for sharing - made me smile too! i love the part when the music gets faster...and the guy in the suit dancing - lol!

jax is such a cutie pie!!!!!! one of these days we have to meet, i haven't forgotten. i've just been so busy i don't have a lot of free time! :) there's a cool park near my house - North Mt. Carmel Park - ever been?? maybe we can meet up there one day and let the boys have a play date?? :)

Lori said...

That was so cool! Kate watched it too and loved it!

The Mrs. said...

Super fun to watch! :) Lovies!