Monday, April 6, 2009

A Fun Weekend, and some bruised knees.

We went over the river and through the woods to Nana and Grandpa Bo's house this weekend. It was Sydney's (our niece)  birthday Saturday. So after Daddy got off work we made the trip to Dawsonville. It was so fun! Mimi, Uncle Scott (who is newly *engaged! Congrats Guys!) *Aunt Leslie, Aunt Amelia, Hayden, and some of Sydney's friends were there. Dinner was a Sydney favorite Lasagna and Nana's special salad( I will have to tell you guys about this salad at some point. Just know I could eat it by the pound!) and she had THREE cakes! It was nice to visit with everyone and celebrate Miss Sydney's 13th birthday. Enjoy the pictures! 

The Girls
The best idea ever, it was the $5 bills that never ended
(check out her friends face)
Opening presents
A kiss from Dad.
Playing in the balls.
The boys.
Sweet Hayden
I thought this was so funny, walking around holding the pig by the tail
Bub's and Nana talking
Hayden enjoying some crackers

Oh and the bruised knees... I fell getting out of the shower 
on Sat before we left to go to Nana's ouch!
 Pitty Party, table for one.

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Nana said...

Good job Ra, you are way to fast!!I do hope your knees are much better!! We had such a good time and so glad ya'll were a part of it. Love ya bunches!!