Thursday, April 23, 2009

1st Trip to the Zoo

Jackson had his first trip to the Zoo today. We are a zoo loving family so we were very excited to take Bub's today. Aunt Sash and Big Sissy were in tow. They set up a new bird exhibit that is so neat. You get to hold them on a stick while you feed them. Jackson wanting to put everything in his mouth still thought these hand sized birds would work out great. At one point a zoo staff member reached out and grabbed his hand when mommy wasn't looking to make sure he didn't stuff it in his mouth. Thank Goodness, that wouldn't have been fun. We had a blast looking at all the animals. Jackson was very happy to wave to everyone who walked by and get smiles. He actually noticed the animals more than I would have expected. He seemed to enjoy the Panda's (man after my own heart)  and the birds the best though. Enjoy the pictures. 

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