Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guess who is 6?

How did this day happen? Where did the time go?

Our Sweet Sissy Turned 6!

We celebrated Mar-Bear's sixth birthday on Thanksgiving this year.
How fun that every 7 years we are not only Thankful for her
but, we get to have Thanksgiving Dinner.
That's a lucky chick in my book.

Sissy informed me that she needed to have a cookie cake for her birthday
it was the only kind that would do. So off to the mall we went to get her favorite cake.
She informed the Cookie Lady "It just needs to say "6" and I guess it can have dots."
She is so funny.

Some fun things about Marah now.

She just finished up her season as a cheerleader. She did amazing.
Who knew she was such a showman.

Some other things she loves are...
The trips to the Zoo.

Snuggling with Bub's
I guess some things never change.


Whoo Hoo.
Birthday Pictures.

A cool jacket from Bobby & CC
Toy from Jackson & B
Dangle Earrings from Aunt Ra
Connect 4 from Daddy
(this child loves games!)
Paper Purses from Aunt Sash
Hannah Montana DVD from Daddy!
Posing with her cake.
6 years old.
Wait did I say 6,
she thinks she is 9

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Bub's getting his Sissy.
Yayy for Birthdays!
Yayy for Sissy!
We love this girl more than words.

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Karen said...

She is beautiful. I love her cookie cake and its design! We are a big fan of cookie cakes around here, too. Sometimes, we will request only chocolate icing, and they think we are nuts. They're right, but that's another story. :o)