Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dun Du Dun Du

Did that sound like the Jaws theme?
That's what I was going for.
Jackson and I got a really neat opportunity to go and check out
the new shark exhibit "Planet Shark" at the Aquarium.
They invited some blogger's to come and check it out.
Aunt Sash came home from Athens and we made a day out of it.
The exhibit was very neat. I learned a lot about Sharks and shark attacks.
We got to see some neat movie paraphernalia.
Even some things from JAWS.
A gigantic frozen Mako Shark (super cool), and teeth. Lots and lots of teeth.

Getting Ready to go in.
Teeth and jaw's (not Jaws haha)

Sash and Bub's checking things out.
The Hall of Attacks
Movie sized cage...
Life Sized Cage.
No wonder the sharks look so big in the movies.
A piece of a protective suit. It was very heavy.

So here is my overview.
Planet Shark was very cool. It was interesting and entertaining.
Not kid friendly. They don't advertise that it is but, I just wanted to throw that out there.
All in all it was very nice and I'm glad we got the opportunity to go. I would encourage anyone even remotely interested in sharks to check it out.
Thanks Planet Shark!

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Amo said...

Looks like a very cool place. My husband would love it! He looks forward to Shark Week on tv every year!