Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calendars make me feel old.

Calendars and watches are just not my thing.
Never have been.

Back in the day before cell phones, yes I remember when pagers weren't even around.
(143, 5318008)
{{extra points if you get the second one. ;p }}

It used to drive me nuts when people would check their watches when they were with you.
I won't lie I had an La Gear one but, it was for style not function.
Now everyone has a phone to pop open every five min to check emails, facebook, ect, ect.
It's crazy how connected we feel we have to be at all times.
We are so afraid of missing something.

It's silly really.

The same with calendars. In a completely different way.
It was a physical reminder of what you were up to.
There was a big part of my life I didn't want to keep up with nor remember really.

My how times have changed.
This year when I put up our new calendar.
The third one I have ever had in my life.
I actually cried reading back on the things this past year has brought.
First birthday's, first teeth, physical therapy starting for Bub's, the first time he stood up.
The first time he sat up. It was all there and I wanted to remember each moment.
Every second of it. Suddenly the record of it was more important than anything.

So as I filled in birthday's and therapy sessions, weekends with Marah it hit me...

I feel old, and it feels good. I am excited for the new year.
Heck, I may even get a watch.

How have things changed for you as you have gotten older, or have they?


Ben, Lindsey, and Boys said...

LOL...5318008=Boobies! :) Wishing you guys a safe and happy new year! I hope it's filled with many many more smiles and tears (good ones only) and hugs and kisses!

Cisilia "cc" said...

Loved the post. I also love looking at last years events and thinking how quickly time flies by. P.S. thanks so much for the surprise birthday party I know you were the brains behind all the details. Love you much forever and always. Mom
BTW i also have a new post.