Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas with Hayden

This weekend we got to have Christmas with Jackson's cousin Hayden.
Nana, Grandpa, Sydney, and Aunt Amelia were there too.

We had so much fun spending time and giving gifts to everyone.
Nana made a wonderful breakfast and lunch for us.
We pigged out.
She makes these little sandwich things I need to get the recipe for and share.
They are delish.

Here are some pictures from the day.

The boys getting started.
Jackson was more interested in the paper and tissue than the presents.

Hayden loved the Mr. Potato Head Jackson got him.

The fridge phonics from Nana and Grandpa
Remember the funny story from this one...
Well, you push this button of a letter and it says
"A says Ah"
All day yesterday Jackson was scooting around the house saying
"A, Ah" and then laughing like crazy
It was so funny.

Sydney and Hayden opening presents.
Check out Jackson's face in these next two
Haha. I love that kid.
This gift was the hit of the day.
A tent with a tube.
Hayden in the tube
Bub's taking a turn
They also got a fun train table that I know they
will love for years to come.
It was a wonderful trip. The gifts were so fun but,
the company makes the trip every time.
We love you guys.


Nana said...

...........those boys, so so much fun, we love every minute with them! Great pics, thanks for sharing and the snow is great!! (just thought I had spots in front of my eyes at first, hahaha) Love ya'll!!

Rachel H. said...

Looks like you had a great time...Don't you just love spending time with family?!