Monday, January 23, 2012

NOLA + wedding + family + food =

The wedding was breathtaking. Haley made a gorgeous bride and Kelly super handsome.
It was such a lovely night. Addison stole the show for sure. Their little girl is just a doll who we love so much. The reception was so much fun. Some of the best food I've had at a wedding. The dancing, the laughs, the company. It was all perfect! Enjoy the pictures. 

Such a fun time. We always enjoy spending any time with family but,
celebrating something so special as a wedding makes it that much better.


I heard over the weekend that Etta James passed away. I walked down the aisle to At Last.
It's hard not to rem inis over your own wedding at a wedding. I am one lucky lady for sure.
Rest in peace Etta. Your music is so romantic and was the soundtrack for one special day in my life. 


Nana said...

....looks like a great time had by all!!! Beautiful Wedding.. I love the picture of you and Jack!!!!

Donna said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love can't help but reminisced about your own when you go to one.

Faren said...

You looked fabulous! What a beautiful wedding and couple. Congratulations to them!

Can I just say I loved that you walk down the aisle to "'At Last", it's so unexpected and something I would do. I don't like the formalness of "Here Comes the Bride" all that much.