Monday, January 2, 2012

BE in 2012

Last year I choose a word.
I wanted to be more thoughtful through out the year. 
I would give myself a 60/100. I tried and there were times I really thought of others first.
Other times I must honestly admit, I judged or got angry and thoughtfulness was the furthest thing from my heart. It's a work in progress and while I am keeping thoughtful for another year, (and perhaps every year for now on because I think it is so important) this year I am going a different way.
This year I want to BE.

Be prayerful. This is one I struggle with weekly. I swear I do great and then fall off the wagon. 
I need this one for my family and for me. I am a better wife/momma/friend/ect when I have this one in place. It's a no brainer and yet the one I have the worse ADD with. 

Be patient. I think terrible twos is a joke. Hold on ladies, cause 3 might be a whole new level.
This year I am really wanting to teach Jackson to be more thankful. I think I will need patience. 

Be a wife. {7 years counting} This past year has been an amazing one in our marriage. 2012 should be even better. We have had some trying times this year and had to make some tough choices but, I feel like we came out the other side even stronger. It's hard to see that in the moment but, I will stand beside him no matter what choices he makes. He is my man. ;) 

Be healthy. Yes, yes the old "get in shape" Wah, wah waaahhh. Really I want to lose the 10lbs I have adopted as "cute" and get back to my best healthy me. 

Be in touch.  I want to write notes this year. Letters even to friends and family. I want to the people I love to know it and not just because I assume they do. 

Be happy. I want to not sweat the small stuff. I let little, silly things and people bother me way more than I should and it takes my focus off what matters. I said to a few people last year this pin I found and I am owning it this year myself.
"Do not let the things that matter most, be at the mercy of those that matters least". 

Did you set any resolutions?
 Cheers 2012.


Donna said...

You are extremely thoughtful! Wishing y'all the best in your BEs for 2012.

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Great thoughts and advice for the new year. Patience is the one I want to have more of also. That and prayer. It hit me in 2011 that I pray about like I do laundry...When things pile up and I need something. I want to change that this year. Happy New Year to you guys!

Michelle said...

You are one of the most thoughtful people I know. I know you can BE the best person possible, you don't have to BE all those things, all the time. Its ok to also be human.

All good things in 2012. You guys are sure to have it.

Mommara said...

Love the post. Looking forward to being more active with you this year. You rocked the Resolution Run and we can keep moving together. Remember my blog :Keep Moving: forward in all things at all times. YES to all of your thoughts. More of God and less of me continues to be my daily need/want. I love you dearly and the family you have created. So Thankful to be a part of your lives. Mom