Friday, January 13, 2012

5 on friday.

1. 3year old + 50 pennies and a fountain = Heaven
It's the small things people.

2. We have been on lots of walks this year. 
I have actually logged more miles in 
11 days than 6 months last year. Woop Woop. 
This one was even in the rain.

 3. Daddy and Jack have been getting lots of lego play in.
This rocket was actually in one piece for two days.
Thats crazy considering Jackson's favorite part about legos is karate 
chopping them once they are done.

4. I have had this dress for at least two years. It was a tad sausage tight
when I bought it but, it has sat in the back of the closet until now.
 I love it and left the tag on it. I love it even more thinking I spent $5 on it.
Jack and I are headed to NOLA for a wedding soon. We can't wait!

5. Boo for the sickies. I woke up yesterday and felt like I had been hit by a Mac truck. 
The dr said they are seeing this hybrid infection since the weather has been so warm lately. :(
I got a shot and feel so much better today. I am still going to take it easy this weekend.
I am actually looking forward to it. 

Happy weekend! 


Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Cute dress! We've got the germs at our house too. Hope you feel better soon!

Allison said...

1. the smallest things really are some of the best.
2. love walks with the family - OK winds are a bit harsh for walks this time of year, though! :/
3. I love daddy/son activities. they make my heart melt. that is one good looking rocket ;)
4. I know the feeling! I recently went "shopping" in a suitcase full of clothes that haven't fit in since before I had Callan - it feels SO GOOD! Love deals like that from Ross!
5. feel better!!

Donna said...

Love that dress on you! Super cute. Hollla for walking more...bummer for being under the weather. Hope the shots are helping!

Faren said...

It really is the small, simple things that bring us joy. I LOVE that dress and the fact that it has pockets makes it even better. You look great in it!

MCW said...

$5? How is that even possible? And how amazing that it fits perfectly! Feels good.