Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday Phone Dump...

Lazy Blogger Award goes to... Me! 
Ha, and I'm back with a phone dump.

1. Momma got some new shoes. Our goal {Daddy, Jack and I} is to get a jog/walk in 4 days a week.
This week we have rocked it. It's amazing how a new pair of shoes after yours are two years old feel amazing. I am a flip flop girl. I don't love tennis shoes but, love these. 
2-3. My sister left Baloo at my parents this weekend and we had fun playing "faster than the dog" and taking pictures of her "baby" and sending her updates. 
4. Mardi Gras wreath. Thanks Pineterest. We are getting excited for this year. Actually we are headed to NOLA this weekend for a wedding. We can't wait to celebrate with everyone. 
5. Dinner with a super hero. ;) 
6. Gillded vase. Thank you interest again and my favorite flowers. Makes me happy. 
7-8. Silly babies they get so excited when they get to see each other. <3
9. 8 year olds are much louder than 3. Just saying. 

1-2. We had a great week with Nanny and D. That boy is so sweet and it's always good to spend time with your bestie. When they left on Tuesday out of he blue Jackson said "Oh No, I forgot to kiss Durham bye". Good thing they came back wed and he got his snuggles in. <3 
3-4. Jackson has been talking non stop about making popcorn with CC. He finally got to the other night and he literally squealed he was so excited. I love it. He was so proud. 

 {click to make larger}

I feel like I need to bring this situation to the public. I got man handled during a pedicure to get ready for said wedding we are going to this weekend. If anyone knows me, then you know I hate to have ANYTHING in-between my toes. I was getting a lovely pedicure, web surfing on my phone and not paying attention, my bad. In one second flat buddy shoved these socks on my feet. I almost puked but, since I thought that would be rude. I busted out laughing and started crying. I couldn't even form words.
These things were awful and the worst part was I couldn't take them off until my toes dried or I would have messed them up. #princessproblems. I know, I know but, dude. Don't mess with between my toes. 
Not cool nail guy. Not cool.

Hope you guys have a great weekend. 
We are excited to celebrate with family and enjoy some great food! 


Donna said...

OMG. That socks would have freaked me out...let's do a pedi one time, but hopefully without the socks. LOL!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Hahaha!! I can just imagine the look at the nail guy's face when you started crying. I have never seen those sock things before; that's weird...