Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

In Ga a ton of snow fell last night and most of us woke up to white yards. Where we are we got a whole 3 inches, some places even got up to 10! Here in the south this is an emergency! Everyone gets out of work and schools are canceled for two days. 
It was mighty crunchy by the time we got out to play but, none the less we were out there with every other family playing today. 

Here is what today looked like...
Well this was last night before bed.
It was chilly even in the house the am, so 
we bundled Jackson up. Ha! He is so stylish.
Jackson getting his "snow" legs

He threw lots of snow balls.

Baby Jackson and Pumpkin came to play too

Jackson and daddy made a snowman named "George" said Jackson.
Check out his Oreo eye's . It was all I could think of for "coal". 

CC spent the night last night and got to play in the snow today too. I got some cute shots of her on the sled but, she may kill me if I post them. ;) We also cleaned out some closets and upstairs. It was a lovely and productive day! Good times.

We finished the night off with some hot chocolate and football.
I had mine in my favorite cup. A christmas present from Brian. 
That I love.
Daddy doesn't have work again tomorrow. :) 
We are having banana pancakes and more
 hot chocolate for breakfast. 
Another day like today? Yes, please.

Days like today are just good for the soul.
xoxo ra


Drew said...

Love the pictures! Too cute! Also, I love that mug but didn't pick it up when I found it since I didn't want to fly back with breakables. Boo.

Looks like lots of good for the soul fun!

Klove said...

Looks like fun! Snow is so pretty. XOXO

thais. said...

its sounds like a cold and fun weekend! beautiful kids ;)

Isabella's Mommy.... said...

Snow days are awesome & yes, good for the soul !! I love snow days in the south because everything shuts down & we're forced to slow down & enjoy the little things. Enjoy the 2nd snow day in the ATL - I know I am!!

Rachel said...

Love the snow pictures -- and the bundling up in the house pictures.

My kids still love snow -- even living in Minnesota where we get tons of it. There is something magical about it.

Have a great day!

Pam said...

love all the pics.... looks like it was an amazing snow day! Love you! (and your new header!) eeepppp