Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

Two weeks late is better than never... right?
I will let the photo's and video speak for themselves. 

Marah got sent on a scavenger hunt by her daddy. She got an Ipod touch at the end.
She was pretty excited.

After Marah went home we went back to our house to see what Santa had brought for Jackson.
He was SO VERY excited. 
Seriously made our day. 

Here is the video.

Amazing right?!!
Well Merry January the 6th!


Come back tomorrow.
I am going to Pay-It-Forward.


Alicia said...

so cute!! i love that kitchen! we got a kitchen for our kids too and they just love it. its so cute to see them play house!

Pam said...

His face was PRICEless as he bounded the corner and I have never heard B so excited for him. Love, love, love.

thais. said...

how sweet! what wonderful memories to keep close to the heart...
can't wait to finish updating your look :)