Friday, January 21, 2011

5 things I love now.

 This guy always. 
Straight out of the bath. 
With his GTL hair. ;)

Ha! Geez, 
Mom no more pictures. 
Swedish Fish.
I like them cold. I keep a two pound bag
 in the fridge. It's a sickness. 
Yes, I eat them out of a measuring cup.
 Random I know. 
George's red scarf. Jackson asked me if
 I would get him a red scarf like George has.
 Momma is going to learn to knit?!

We have a family date planned for Saturday night. 
It has been way to long since we were just the three of us. 

Got a message from Katie tonight she is 
making some lovelies for us.
I am so excited!!!
I love handmade things.

Hope you all have a grand weekend.
xoxo ra

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Isabella's Mommy.... said...

I love babies just out of the bathe too! My little one loves to run around naked for a bit right after. They always smell so sweet too! Enjoy your night out!

KLaw said...

OMG, those pictures of him. MELT MY HEART!!!

have fun on your family date this weekend!!

Maria said...

wonderful pictures!

lovely greetings

Holly said...

haha i love you eat your swedish fish cold!! and yes, those things are addicting.