Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day 2 and I got a makeover...

 The snow turned into crunchy hard ice that looks like snow over night, not really conducive to playing outside. We did venture out for a bit and for all the freaking out everyone is doing on the news the roads were totally fine. Granted they had some slush on them but, safe to drive on. We hit up Chick-fil-a and Target and just walked around. Daddy was off again today so it was super nice to just be home again. 

I got the chance to take a photography class {Click Workshop} this past Sunday and it was amazing. I have been practicing since. I feel like my exposure is much better it's just going to be nailing focus that might be the death of me. They also offer an advanced class. I am thinking it would be a great {30th} birthday present. I am really excited to take pictures again.

We have family coming in Thursday from Nola. I am so excited. It's always wonderful to have family around and this bunch is so much fun! I am sure I will have pictures galore. 

Did you notice the gorgeous and oh so us new blog header?! 
{that is my favorite family picture we have from the beach this summer}
The lovely Thais of House 09 took me having no idea what
 I wanted and created something that is so me. 
I actually won the new header over on her blog 
{if you don't follow you must. It is amazing}
I highly recommend working with her. Super sweet and so creative!
Thank You again Thais. You have made me something
 I treasure for sure. 

xoxo ra


Isabella's Mommy.... said...

I like your new header!! Have fun being snowed in again today!

Pam said...

Love the new header and I really really love your baby. xoxo The pics are great... I feel inspired again.

kirkandmona said...

Love the new header!!! What a fabulous family pic! That boy of yours gets cuter by the day!

Nana said...

....oh my goodness RA....I have always loved your pictures....these are really really great, haven't been able to see the blog lately due to work, but not complaining, but I do love to see the pics of ya'll, well....especially Jack!!!! Print me a few of the snow and the "perfect shirt"...I would love to have these and I know Ms Char would want one or two as well...love ya'll, miss ya!!! (let us know about the advance class) K!!

Nana said...

...pssss thanks for the post of the little girl singing----I've been wanting to see that again since you showed it to us!! Love it!

thais. said...

thank you for all the sweet words! it was a pleasure working with you and being able to create something you really liked. wishing you the best ♥

KLaw said...

love the new header! Wish it would warm up for you... you're always welcome in sunny Fort lauderdale! Imagine that playdate (for us! not the kids. ha ha ha ha!)

Rhiannon Nicole said...

The header looks so great!! And way to go on the photography class :) I'd love to take one myself! xo

Holly said...

do you remember where you got his outfit? my nephew is newly OBSESSED with buzz.