Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amazing. Fantastic. Wonderful. {the words that come to mind}

This year we are hopeful. Our last 7 days have been filled with family and friends. Lounging around and showing off our beautiful city. We have laughed over lunch. Told stories of past times together. There have been tears of joy, maybe a few fights, crafts, toasts, fireworks, snuggles, kisses, long hugs {the kind where you hold on extra tight so they can last until we meet again}, amazing food, we have stayed up way past our bedtimes, gotten sick together { :/ } , walked, and shopped. It has been fabulous and it was THE way to start of 2011. This year I am full of hope. I am not making resolutions to change this year. Only I am going to be more hopeful and prayerful. I can't think of two more important things. 

I have visions of new babies this year {not for us but, ones we will love like our own}, vacations to the beach, maybe the mountains. Weekends of my boys golfing, learning this art of photography, time spent crafting with nanny, and tons of family time I am sure. 

Jackson has started carrying on full on conversations. I know every phase of his life I swear it is my favorite but, I really think this one might be it. He is life. He is just this beautiful life. I swear every time I look at him I am more in love with my husband. More in love with what we made together. Lately he has been asking me to sit on the floor for a kiss. We have lots of 10 second snuggles on the kitchen floor. I never want to forget this time.

So this year we toast to another chance to make it right. Another chance to have hope and pray.
We are thankful and full. Ready for the challenges to come. 2010 was a tough year for many people in our lives. We are still praying for the fight some are going through. For a brief moment we weren't sure we would make it but, we did. Our marriage stronger than before. God always keeps his promises. 

{from one of those lunches we laughed over}

{Our sweet man}

Happy New Years Lovies
it's gonna be a great one...

I am going to start holiday recaps soon. :) We have Christmas and New Years 
videos that you will LOVE!


Sole Matters said...

favorite post. :)

Helen said...

I have no doubt you will make it a wonderful year! You have a great way of seeing the beauty in the small things..never lose that!
We have tons of room and baby things in the mtns.. come any time!
We are the cheapest deal in town... free!!
Love and hugs!

Michelle said...

Your a beautiful writer, Ra. I love this post.

Michelle said...

That would be "you're" a beautiful writer.

thais. said...

your lil man for sure looks adorable!
may your hopes to a good year brings you the best one yet :)

bananas. said...

oh my what a little heartbreaker!

cheers to you and yours and a happy HAPPY new year!!!

Klove said...

He is such a doll! Great post to start off the new year.

You're one of my pay it forward 3. Now all I need is your address to send you something special. XOXO

Also, don't forget to post Pay it Forward. XOXO

Pam said...

I feel it too... this is going to be an amazing year. I am hopeful. I am prayerful. I am blessed. I love you so much. xo