Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a wonderful weekend. {mother's day}

Yes this is late woo hoo.
We got to the beach and had no internet access and LOVED every second of it.
More to come soon.
PICTURE OVERLOAD {just so ya know}

This weekend was absolutely wonderful.
We got to pick up Mar-bear Thursday night. 
Bub's just giggles with her for hours. It is precious.
It is always so fun to have her around.

Saturday a.m the Mother's Day festivities began.
For Mother's Day Sasha, and I took Mom to the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Connoisseurs Tour.   It was so fun to go from home to home and see what amazing Garden's we have in our city.
Mom LOVES to play in the dirt so this was something she was really excited about. One of the homes we visited was Mr. Arthur Blank. Incredible doesn't do it justice.
Here are some pictures from the day.

Saturday night hubby and I went to a Zac Brown Concert. 
It was so much fun. We used to see Zac in dive bars with 20 people. 
It was neat to see him in such a large venue.

Sunday a.m we were off to church, fellowship with people I love always is wonderful.
Then it was off to Dad and Mom's. Everyone was over including my Aunt Helen from NOla and Steph and Christian. Dad made a great dinner and Steph brought Peach Bread Pudding for desert. Yumm!

Marah and I went to work with these ingredients 

and this magazine

to make some "faux sushi".
 It was quite the mess {:)} but, fun. We only ended up making a few because they were so sticky. While I was making the rice crispy treats {rice} Jackson said "mommy here".
I turned around and was handed a little box...
{Yes, I wear an apron on my top half I'm messy}

They had already given my precious cards and a "keep calm and carry on" pillow that I loved. So imagine my surprise.
 when I was given an eternity band!
I believe I may have said shut up a few times. lol
They are too much. 

Marah and I got back to sushi making and came out with this lovely.

She is just so pretty. 

Ta Da!
The one and only finished sushi piece.
{but, don't think we didn't eat the ingredients}

Hope everyone had a fab-u-loso Mommy's Day!


Sole Matters said...

woohoo an eternity band!!! LOVE IT! that sushi is so cute too! how did you get to go to arthur's house?!

meredith said...

those homes and gardens are gorgeous! i especially love that pool!

and mmmmm, candy sushi!!

Amo said...

Wow, that faux sushi looks awesome! The garden pictures are gorgeous too, although that gopher or whatever it is holding the water hose kinda freaks me out! Glad you had a great weekend!

Cisilia "cc" said...

It was a wonderful weekend!! And you forgot the part when we were standing in line to see the 5 acre A. Blanks house i looked at my girls and said "remember that part in Pretty Women when she is dressed in the red dress and they are going on their first date to the opera. They are in the elevator and she said "In case I forget to tell you later I a really great time." WIth tears in my eyes I meant it. Thank you for this wonderful day. P.S. i want to do it again next year and this time i will walk around the inner perimeter of the prado :)