Friday, May 21, 2010

St. Pete's Oh how we love thee. {take 2}

By day two we had our routine down.
Breakfast. Beach. Shower. Lunch. Nap. Beach. Shower. Dinner. Beach for Sunset. Bedtime.

It was just dreamy. Relaxing. Laid back. 
We were trying to figure out how to just move to the beach. 

Here are the last of the pictures.
You know, because you are all dying to see more. Right?


We made it down to Fort Desoto on Friday. 
Drew had to work that day so we spent the day playing on the beach.
Bub's took a little spill that am and landed on the corner of the bed.
Not that it slowed him down much.
He played so hard everyday. He even fell asleep during lunch one day.
{and this place was loud!}
That  night we took our Strawberry basil lemonade grown-up beverages {yumm}
 and went to play at in the water at sunset.
Well not Jackson he had a sippy of water.
Check out that shirt.
It was so neat to watch Jackson and Drew be buddies.
Having Godparents that love Jackson is so cool for us to watch.
we splashed.
and stomped. 
and played chase
all night.
Thanks Diana for taking family pic's for us.
I love this one!
{that may or may not be pee on daddies shirt}
we watched the sun go down with our friends.
four legged and two.
{this is Daisy}
then headed off to dinner.
The next day we headed out to Pass-a-grille and spent the afternoon on the doggy beach.
So we could let Daisy in on the fun. She is Rachel and Hairy's baby.
We also walked to the pier and met this guy.
He was not so cute like Daisy and Jackson was not to sure about being close to him.
We grilled out that night with everyone and it was time to get ready for our trip home.

On the way home we were the 8th in a nine car pile up that happened in Tampa.
I can tell you that it was only GOD that the car behind us just scraped the bumper on Jackson's side and it wasn't worse. She lost control and was coming at us sideways. It was the most afraid I have ever been in my life. He slept through the whole thing. B and I were both just a mess on the way home after this.
{ I blurred out faces so no faces are in the pic. }

We are home safe and sound. 

Wishing we were still waking up to walk to breakfast at Beverly's 
and heading to the beach.
Thanks Drew for having us down. 
Can't wait to see you and everyone later this year.

xoxo, Ra


KLaw said...

What beautiful pictures! You have such a gorgeous family :)

Nana said...

.....beach pictures!!!!! I love them all and yes it does look like a beautiful place....let's go!!

The Hill House said...

Glad you guys are okay!! That wreck is crazy! Very cute pictures of the beach!

Amo said...

Wow, what a crazy wreck! Your pictures are gorgeous! I haven't been to the beach in years. I would love to go again! Glad you relaxed.