Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday Monday...

This weekend was wonderful.
We did some spring cleaning and yard work that needed to be done.
Mom and I headed off to Whole Foods so I could get some of this.

Natures Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Body Wash.
{I won't even lie. Drew had this at the beach and I feel in love}

If I close my eye's real tight I *almost* feel like I'm back at the beach. It's a yummy summer smell. 
B likes it on me but, says it's a little girly for him. 
He washes with Ivory soap so what can I say. Any smell is too much.

Saturday night they had a member's night at the zoo with some fun characters from children's books.
Clifford, Curious George, Where the Wild Things Are
 and Dancing Pizza (a kids group) were there.
It was fun in an over crowded, hot tent kinda way.
Jackson LOVES George they are on first name basis. So I was excited to see what he would think. He was excited until he was within a two foot range then well... It was the Easter Bunny all over again. 
I have a feeling Santa may be interesting this year. 

I did take a picture but, really he didn't like him. Take my word for it.

All was not lost we did get to ride the train.
This is a phone video so excuse the poor quality.

Love those boys!
How was your weekend?



Alicia said...

how fun!! i love taking the kids to things like that, especially when i know its something they love!!

Nishant said...

I love that kid.
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