Thursday, May 20, 2010

St. Pete's Oh how we love thee.

Seriously it rocks people, if you haven't been you need to.
The beaches were fabulous, the weather just perfect and the company.
Well the company rocked as always.

I will let the 90 gizzigabillon pictures show you the vacation. 

First time to the beach as a walker!
Not so sure about the sand...
Mommy what is this stuff?
Jackson and his Godfather checking out the babes on the beach.
I don't think Bub's thought that one was to cute?
How to keep a baby happy at the beach.
Step 1: give baby a bucket filled with ocean water.
Step 2: Let baby dump out said bucket 10,000 times.
Instant Happy Baby. Every.Time.
His ocean side set up.
Drew decided to teach Bub's it was cool to wear 
your sand toy basket as a hat.
and he thought it was so cool for two day's 
we had a hard time keeping it off of him.
No seriously he wouldn't take it off and cried when we tried.
Oh well what can you do?
Just go with it I guess. :)
We went on plenty of walks.
Even to the beach's botanical gardens.
We played in the water.
But, just enough to get our bottoms wet. Jackson was not so sure about the whole body in the ocean thing. What can I say neither does mommy really but, we did try a few times.
He just didn't care for it.

It is a trip as a couple B and I have done 3-4 times to visit Drew. This was the first trip with Jackson in tow and I can tell you it will be one we do at least once a year, maybe more. 
If Drew can stand us that long. {he says he can}
Tomorrow, I will have the last of the recap. 
Sunset pictures and some with a new four legged friend.

xoxo. Ra 


Alicia said...

cute pics!! i love that he was just wearing the basket on his head! my kids do that too, so random! and lady, now i want to go to the beach SO bad!

Tara said...

Awww what precious pictures! Looks like fun!

Sara B said...

Gorgeous pictures...sounds like a dream vacation:)