Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Lovelies.

Sweet Blueberry Waffle kisses from a certain {almost} 2 year old in the morning as he say's "Tank You Mommy".

All three of us snuggled up in bed watching the Puppies movie and listening to Jackson say his ABC's.
B and I cut each other eye's when he gets all the letters right and we just smile.
Knowing that if he thought we were paying so much attention he would stop.

Knowing that tonight Jackson gets to meet Curious George at the Zoo. He is a huge fan.
{I can not wait to see his face, hopefully it's not horror}

Watching Jackson and Marah as they belly laugh over throwing socks.

Happy Saturday Lovies.
Hope you have a great day!


Brown Girl said...

Love the new header!! I hope one day I have a sweet little boy, you make it sound so so so much fun!

Nishant said...

i Love the new header!!
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