Thursday, February 25, 2010

NOLA {part 3P} picture crazy

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Parades, Parades, Parades.

Pictures, pictures, pictures...

(Ha! Check out Bub's side eye)

The gang.
 My Aunt Missy is in the yellow. She is such a rockstar and was wonderful to get us around that day.
 Of all the parades. I loved watching daddy but, Toath was my favorite. Micheal was such a gracious host and the street was all to our selves. It was a blast!

He loved the beads and at that exact moment realized beads were just a ton of balls on a string.
Can you see him saying "Ball, ball".
Love that guy.
Dancing to the music! We did lots of dancing.
The Loot

Next up was the Boxed Wine Parade. It's before Bacchus. Which is a huge parade and I got not one picture of. What can I say after this one we started having fun and forgot the camera for the last few we saw.

This one was so funny I had to share. For what we gathered it's a hodge podge of people that just wanted a silly parade. Check out their style.
They were rocking it out and with garabge can lids and random things. So fun!
Lyndsey and some green giant.
Haha Is that Eeyore?
Red Beans Girl!
and Rice! 

It was so much fun.
I wish I had pictures of the rest but, we started just enjoying them and not taking the camera.

Some other highlights...

Who Dat!
Haha check out that hat...

Auntie Yinsee and Bub's dancing
Trolly rides

and a whole lot more of this...

What a great trip. 
The only thing that would have made it better would have been for dad to join us. 
Next Year for sure.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 
Next Up...

Walking Boy!


The Mrs. said...

I'm sure your dad has really enjoyed living it through the pics... looks like so much fun! Next year we're tagging along too...

Nana said... fun times!!

The Hill House said...

Brandon has the same fuzzy jacket as Jackson, and the tag on his sticks out all the time too.

Joyeful said...

Girl, you were in my neck of the woods!!! We live only about 45 min. from New Orleans! Too fun!

Amo said...

Those are great pictures!! I love New Orleans. I've only been once, but it was the best time of my life!