Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NOLA {part 1}

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We got into NOLA late friday night.
We drove from here so 7 hours with a 20 month old.
We were ready to get in.
My Aunt Kimmie and Uncle Carl graciously let us stay with them for the trip.
{love ya'll!}

We had so much fun staying with them. I have the best family, seriously.
Not to mention we hadn't met this little doll yet and we couldn't wait...
(Baby Tate was sick so we didn't get to snuggle him but, we can't wait to meet him next time)

Miss Addison!

It is so funny that Jackson and Miss Addison look like their daddy's.
We are very Italian looking. We all have the Olive skin, dark hair and eyes
and until Jackson and Addison 
all of the "offspring" look just like our side of the family.
Now we have a white boy and Irish girl but,
they are so stinking cute, who cares.

She and Jackson had a blast together. He kind of couldn't figure her out.
He wanted to be near her all the time but, she just wanted to tackle love on him
 and it was a little intimidating for him.

Blackmail Action Shots

{haha LOVE IT}

I could post 1000 pictures of that girl alone but, 
I still have a bunch of the trip to show you so I will refrain.

So after a night of loving on everyone and some rest. We were off. 
My brother and his girlfriend Lyndsey came into town as well as my mom and God mom Marlene.
We hooked up with them the next day for some meaningful visit's.

We went by what is left of my Grandma's house.

After Katrina it's only a slab but, we always like to go. That palm tree in the front yard still stands and even though it may seem silly. Stands for something to us. Grandma loved the Saint's and the tears that were shed when they won the Super Bowl were because she wasn't with us to see it.
{tear just thinking about it. It's always an emotional trip since she isn't there anymore}

Next stop was a MUST and is a must if you plan to visit NOLA.
You have to visit, drive to Challmette and go eat at 
Rocky & Carlo's

It might not look like much on the outside but...

Baked Macaroni with gravy

Bub's eating up

Roast Beef Po-boy
(yes I ate that) 

Shrimp Po-boy
{this was hubby's but, I had one another day}
((ok two other days don't judge))

Family and Food. Welcome to my Italian family.
Check back tomorrow and we start Parades! 
"Beads. Beads."


gypsy said...

somewhere I've never been, but have heard it's the city with all the heart.

thanks for sharing pics!

Sole Matters said...

how funny are the pics of the kids!! i love that he is like "uhhh what?!" LOL! Looks like a fun trip!