Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Love Story. Happy Valentines Day.

A little story about how I became an Italiaxican.
This is one of the most amazing love story's.
I have a pretty great one with Hubby but,
this one is about how my parents met and fell in love.

My dad. 
Robert Frank aka "Bobby" said "Bob ay"
He is Italian, from a huge family in New Orleans.
Left the family to make his own way.
He ended up in Colorado.
In a band. Long Hair, ladies man.
{yes, this is really him}

My mom, Cisilia.
My mom was adopted into some not so nice situations.
She was a woman who made her own way from the cards she was dealt.
I've heard the stories and let me tell you it was a Shitastic hand.
She is mexican {hence how I became Italiaxican}  from Kansas.
She left to make a better life for her self and ended up in
Colorado living with her best friend.

My mom didn't date much. It just wasn't her thing but, she loved to dance and live music...
{{It's so good it makes me giggle}}
She had a friend, that happened to be a guy who had been asking her out forever.
He asked to take her to hear one of her favorite groups that was playing in town.
She went... As friends.
He thought it was a date.

They got there and it was crowded, Mom excused her self to the ladies room.
{{You know how that goes. The line 30 chicks deep but, all they do is stare in the mirror.}}
 Mom scooted to the front, did her business and right back out.
Then she saw him.
Propped up on the trash can outside the girls room.
She saw him and he saw her.
She stopped "If she is in there, messing with her hair it's going to be a while. "

She started to walk off

He said. " I was waiting on you, wanna dance."
{{I die}}
and they did all night long.
Towards the end of the night her "date" taped her on the shoulder
"I'm leaving if you need a ride" and practically ran out the door.
She looked at dad and realized what she had done.
Yikes. She was running after her friend.
I mean she was not the type to just hang out with random guys.
He yelled for her number she yelled it back to him.
That was that.

She yelled out her work number, he called all weekend.
She didn't answer.
She made her friends go back to the bar every night that weekend in hopes to see him again.
He wasn't there.

As she walked in the door Monday morning the phone was ringing.

"Thank you for calling ... Lawyers Office this is Cisilia"
"This is your work"
"I can't believe you gave me your work number."
" Bobby?"
"Yes, it;s Bobby. I want to see you but, I'm moving to Washington State on Thursday, can I make you dinner one night this week?"
"Your moving? Thursday. I mean it was fun dancing but, no thanks. I'm not that kind of girl"
"I didn't say you were it's just I make the best Pizza"

She said Yes.
The pizza was great on Tuesday.
He took her out Wed, in his El Camino. She wore a dress.
None of the doors worked so she had to climb in and out through the window.
{{love it}}
He moved on Thursday.

She went to visit a couple of months later.
For the weekend.
She never came home.

I have heard this story from my parents and their friends. I just love it.
I am so glad they found each other and took the chance.

So, that my friends is the story of how I became a
Italiaxican that was born in Washington State.

I have always wanted to share that story.
and what better day than today
Valentines Day 
when they Celebrate 30 years of marriage together.

I love you both, you are an inspiration that Love can last and is worth every second.

Happy Valentines Day Lovies.


Nana said...

..............what a wonderful story for Valentines.....Happy Valentines, to all!!

Brown Girl said...

What an awesome love story! Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Aly said...

What a great story!