Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Choo Choo Choose You

Remember This?

Ok Ya'll seriously...
 I had the best swap partner ever! 
Ms. Suzanne!
Not only is she precious and sweet and beautiful {umm I am so jealous}
 but, she is crafty and picked out some amazing goodies.

I am feeling pretty spoiled for sure.

I was home today taking 1st birthday pictures for a certain little man and 
Mr Mailman brought me a sweet present.

How cute is this!

I Love It!

What did I tell you gorgeous! 

That was awesome enough then you pull back the wrapping and...

How much do I adore glossy chapstick!

Cupcake notepad that I have already used. 

Yummy candies 

Cupcake recipes. Umm, they all look so yummy.

Yes, please

and some bath oils. Man I need to go soak and relax.

Seriously Suzanne spoiled me for sure. I am so excited to use all my fun Valentines goodies. 
You are precious and I am Thankful
Just the Valentines pick me up this momma needed and, I got a new friend in Canada. 
I would love to tell you her blog name but, she doesn't have one yet...
Someone this crafty and cute needs one for sure though.
 So as soon as she does and passes it on to me. I will share with you.


Alicia said...

Oh lala!! you really scored on your partner! you know who else totally scored? ME!!! thank you SO SO SO much for the amazing gift! could you be any sweeter?! oh my word i just love you! and my kids already stole the lollipops :) thank you SO much, you made my valentines!

Karls said...

Oolala! Nice score!

Dropping over after being at Alicia's blog... girl! I think you should be my best friend.

Brown Girl said...

OMG, how awesome. I should have totally done the swap! Why do I have to be so freaking lazy???!!

Ams said...

Wooowwww! You did get spoiled :) So very very sweet!!