Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Back!

Man, I was so excited the Saints won I forgot my computer charger. 
I am back and have some fun pictures to share of the night.

Some friends and family getting ready for the game to start. 

Cheri, Mom, and Celeste doing her shoulder wave dance

Jackson and Yinsee

My baby sister counting the football pool money
( I won 1st quarter )
How pretty is she...

Brian found the baby in the King Cake.
{don't get any fancy ideas}

The phone calls from home {NOLA} begin

Celebratory dancing 

Who Dat!

Wore out from all that parting!
with his Uncle Justin.

What a game. It was amazing. 
Tears were shed, we laughed , we cried, we all felt like it was our time.

This was the video from when we won...


Brown Girl said...

That's awesome. I wasn't pulling either way but was really excited for the saints. WHO DAT! ;)

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